Another Burglary in Larchmont Gardens

Mamaroneck Town Police are investigating a forced entry through the front door of a home on Eton Road in Larchmont Tuesday at 6:45 pm.



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This is the latest in a series of unsolved crimes in the area, including a recent armed robbery.


Residents of the area say the burglary occurred only a few minutes after a resident left the house, when an alarm was triggered.  One neighbor, who says she spoke to police says, "There is no doubt in the police department’s opinion that there is someone routinely casing the neighborhood."


Officially, police say, no connection has yet been made between the crimes and they are not saying if they have any suspects.


Police say residents with burglar alarms should use them every time they leave the house. 


(factoid: most burglaries occur when no one is home, or wherever the crime takes place; a robbery is when a victim is present and threatened.)

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