Another Update: Snowy Tracks to Track

Dear Editor:

Here is a photo of the stairs at Larchmont train station that lead to the pedestian (aka "skank")  tunnel taken Wednesday night.  Village still hasn’t done anything. Maybe you will have better luck getting action.


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editor: please see response from Mayor Mandell at 8:29 Thursday morning, below. There seems to  be a miscommunication about the problem as evidenced above.

editor, Thursday pm: Mayor Mandell says he thought we were referring to another staircase; this staircase is not the jurisdiction of the Village after all. Supervisor OKeefe of the Town of Mamaroneck says it is not the Town’s jurisdiction. Looks like a job for Metro North, or the State Transportation Dept.that deals with the highway below. Stay tuned.

You may recall similar jurisdictional issues in the "Skank Tunnel" saga.


  1. Hi Polly:

    Thanks so much for pointing this out to us.

    Normally, this spot is not a problem because this is a covered stairway. We don’t usually see any accumulation there, but the heavy winds blew snow into some very unusual places during this last storm.
    Needless to say, the stairs are clear now.

    Thanks again,


  2. It seems like the village or town should be working to ensure that metro north does the job.

  3. It would be nice if the village or town just took care of it. Especially since it’s a safety concern. The time to scawable is after the fact. Fix it before someone actually gets hurt. Especially since the town and village were actually made aware.

  4. Who is responsible for removing the rust from the cage and steps on our 2-year-old, mega-expensive stairs that connects the Myrtle lot to the upper deck? It’s already looking a lot like the one it replaced.

  5. I guess the only good news is that when someone falls and hurts themselves they get to collect from all four responsibility duckers. Where is Corey Booker when you need him?

  6. advice from a non-concerned non-commuter:

    in addition to your the digital camera.
    pick up your broom or folding shovel and a little bag of salt.
    clean off the steps.
    Then send in your before and after pics to the loop
    it would be a much better use of your half hour and you wouldn’t have to withhold your name.

  7. What efforts did the Larchmont or Mamaroneck mayors make to have this hazardous problem corrected? Do you have a complaint number for Metronorth that we can call in the future?

  8. Metro North complaints (877) 337-2017. Larchmont has a Mayor, Town of Mamaroneck has a Supervisor.

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