Any Port After a Storm

Here are some photos sent to theLoop by you…many thanks. You provided the best storm coverage possible. There was just one problem. 


WE have had no power since Saturday about 5:00 pm. As of noon Monday, 67,000 households have no power in Westchester. So posting these, below, presented a challenge.

Sunday I escaped Westchester, laptop in hand, only to realize, too late, that I did not have a power cord with me. All the wiireless in the world, one discovers, ain’t worth squat when the computer is down.

Monday morning, with all accoutrements, I marched boldly into Auray Gourmet, a nice Larchmont bistro with outlets and wireless and great coffee. Closed. The owner was there, however, and took pity on me, brewing me my first decent coffee in two days.

So I descended upon my other electrified, wi-fi’d fallback, the library. Closed. No power. Now I really felt powerless.

Then it was off to the Nautilus Diner. One back booth, the friendly hostess assured me, had an electric outlet. What she didnt know was that the recent renovation rendered it impotent.

But here I sit, on my third coffee, in the large room at Nautilus, alone at a table for 9…where an outlet was procured. Only there’s no wi-fi. So you are again reading the product of a cellphone’s anemic broadband signal.

At times like this, it’s useful to remember that little more than a Century ago, electricity was not taken for granted. It did not represent a hardship to be unable to make a skim latte or watch pay-per-view. Still, we are not a population that prepares well for big change. So enjoy a little pioneer spirit.

Just don’t take my wi-fi.

please send more photos and we will post them.


By the way- Con Edison is providing DRY ice behind New Rochelle City Hall at 90 Beaufort Place between Noon and 8:00pm.














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