Area Braces for Rain

After a nearly perfect sun-kissed day, the Loop area is bracing for a tropical storm expected to dump













up to 5 1/2  inches of rain on us by Friday.

With rain predicted to hit Wednesday night, Mamaroneck officials spent much of their day shoring up flood controls to make sure flood-prone neighborhoods aren’t hit too hard by the storm.

 “The Village will remain vigilant and keep an extremely close watch on the rising waters of the rivers,” Village Manager Rich Slingerland said.  “Everything we can do for preparation has been done.”

 While the National Weather Service forecast calls for high winds and heavy rains that do constitute hazardous weather – total rainfall is expected to range from 3 ¼ to 5 ½ inches — Slingerland said the Village is braced for the onslaught.

 The Sheldrake Reservoir has more capacity now than it did before the devastating 2007 storm that wreaked havoc on the area, and the catch-basins have been checked and cleared.

 “The rainfall predicted is less than the rainfall totals we had in March, 2010, and we avoided flooding on that date,” he said.

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