Armed pellet gun Robber- Larchmont

A 46 year-old Larchmont man was arrested and charged with an armed robbery . . . 




at Healthy Choice Fruits and Vegetables at 16 Chatsworth Avenue on April 10th.  This was the second

Police report responding to several 911 phone calls at around 6pm and found two men wrestling on the ground.  Police determined that Jerome Healy, who lives on Addison Street in Larchmont, entered the store wielding  a simulated rifle (BB gun ) and demanded cash from the proprietor.  

The store owner handed over $350 and a struggle began.  Police say Healy ran out of the store and was chased by the owner, and another struggle ensued.  Police arrested Mr. Healy, who was later charged with 2d degree robbery, a felony, and was due in court April 13.


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  1. Larchmont the new ghetto? I am surprised at the seemingly lack of interest about this article as evidenced by the lack of comments posted. The incident is worrisome. I hope that the shopkeeper was not hurt. How safe do the other shopkeepers feel after this incident and what does this do to the reputation of a quaint neighborhood with a plethora of empty storefronts? The alleged perp reportedly lives on Addison Street, across the street from Chatsworth Elementary School. How safe is Larchmont? What happened to Mr. Healy after his court appearance? Was he released back to his appartment on Addison Street to await his sentencing – I presume that he had not past history of criminal behavior and that at 46, he was committing his first offense.

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