1. I used to go to Starbucks on the way to the train in the morning but switched to Aroma. I like the coffee more, it ‘s strong but doesn’t taste burnt. Not to mention the people there in the morning (who have been there for years) are always pleasant, they know my name and order. The owner can be obnoxious but I never really seem to deal with him, or maybe I just ignore him.

  2. I feel so lucky to have a place like Aroma to stop by in the morning and during the day. Always a friendly face, and that perfect pick me up cup of coffee.
    David seems to have a very well run shop, and the coffee always consistantly good.
    The atmosphere is always charming, everybody knows everyone, just like meeting your friends for coffee before heading to work…
    I realize the title of this story really had to do with starbucks, but i just don’t go there. I’d rather support local merchants, being a local neighbor myself.
    Then i was suprised to see so many people taking low blows at one of our good neighbors David and his store, I felt compelled to add my two cents. . . Aroma gets a 10 in my book!

  3. WOW….such strong feelings and sentiments over a coffee store.
    Starbucks has never been for me, I don’t understand the concept, I don’t like the coffee, I don’t want to learn another language to order a cup of coffee. AROMA does it for me. The coffee is great, the staff is friendly helpful and knowledgeable. The customers are all great, operating in a confined environment, passing the sugar and cream. But what amazes me most is the staff ( one must assume trained by David ) are amazing, they know every ones names, what they order,what thier kids names are, and even the dogs names. To me this what a local town is all about, and part of the reason I love living here. Then of course there is David the owner of this establishment for over 15 years. The head bottle washer and sweeper, the CEO the CFO, the plumber,the negotiator.. The guy who sweats it out everyday, 365 days a year., The guy who was scared to death when he has to face his massive competition accross the street. The New York times ran a big story ” David and Goliath ‘ several years back. I was saddened to see the Starbucks story turn into a malicious personal vendetta. For my money I will take David and Aroma
    any time.

  4. So funny you wrote about this. I live in Edgemont, but was in your ‘hood a couple weeks ago. I fled Starbucks in favor of Aroma. It was mobbed, and everyone seemed to know everyone–I thought, “what a great local hang.” I am soooo glad I was there during day-light hours.
    Mice aside, I’d rather rodents than that crappy Starbucks coffee any day of the week.

  5. I’m not a huge fan of the Aroma guy. I was there once when he berated a kid behind the counter for not using milk that was past the sell-by date. And I’m told the guy became totally unhinged when Starbucks first opened up — actually yelling across the street at people who went in.

    That said, I do think it’s unfair to make too big deal out of a single mouse sighting. Those are old buildings, and old buildings are going to have a few mice, no matter how clean you keep your shop… I’d be surprised if at some point one hasn’t found its way into Starbucks too.

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