Art from the Speechless

 When walking into the beautifully renovated gallery in the Yonkers Riverfront Library , you are stricken by the colorful, strong, exuberant, full of life large-scale







abstract collages along the smaller, subtler monochromatic canvases.

Looking closer, you realize that the works are intricate compositions of colored duct tapes, coated paper and vinyl letters & numbers, complementing and playing with each other.   You want to dwell into each work, looking for patterns into the familiar forms and colors.

 The art takes yet another dimension when you realize that the artist is a severely autistic 23-year-old young man. Nearly non-verbal, very limited in his social interactions, with no training, Alex Masket is not restrained by conventional notions and education. He works freely within his canvases, yet they are carefully executed.  His collages are his intrinsic language, communicating his feelings and thoughts to us.  This is art at its pure and spiritual essence.



Alex’s works have been shown throughout the tri state area and he has been the subject of several art magazine articles . Make sure to look for the release of  “Breaking Boundaries,” a documentary film by Dennis Connors on Alex and his art.  The movie is the winner of many awards, including “Best Documentary” at the 2010 NYC Short Film Festival.  Above is the trailer.





Photos: courtesy of Dennis Connors Photography and Masket family and


Color Statements: works by Alex Masket at the Yonkers Riverfront Library through November 30.



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