Bags of Money Disappear (or: That’s A Lot of Quarters)

 $8500 in change collected from parking meters in Mamaroneck Village has been discovered "missing" 


after a deposit did not appear on bank statements at the Village bank account at TD Bank.


The money is usually handled by Mount Vernon Money Centers, which has been counting and depositing coins from parking meters in Mamaroneck Village for 20 years.   According to Mamaroneck Village Manager Richard Slingerland, over the 20 year relationship, there have “never, ever been any missing money bags”. 


Until now.


The business relationship with Mount Vernon Money Centers has been terminated, and a report filed with police.  Additionally, there will be a claim filed with the Village’s insurance company.


The Village is now working with a new cash transport company,.


No suspects have been identified.

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  1. Mount Vernon Money Centers in the news —
    Robert Egan, the President of Mount Vernon Money Center, was arrested on February 8, 2010 pursuant to a criminal Complaint charging him with conspiracy to commit bank fraud against Webster Bank. On February 11, 2010, following Egan’s arrest, the United States Attorney’s Office obtained a Court order to freeze and seize the assets of Mount Vernon Money Center. On February 12, 2010, to safeguard the remaining assets of Mount Vernon Money Center, the Court appointed FTI Consulting to act as a Receiver pursuant to 18 USC Section 983(j) and 21 USC Section 853(e) on the consent of the parties.

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