Breaking Ground in Larchmont Gardens Lake

Ground has been broken, quite literally, on the project at Larchmont Gardens Lake, aka the Duckpond. The $1.1 million dollar job ($750,000 from the County, $350,000 from the Town of Mamaroneck),















According to plans from the Town, "the goal of the Gardens Lake project is to mitigate flooding through stormwater management, to improve water quality and to protect county-owned infrastructure including the Lakeside Drive Bridge and a sewer line.

"The construction will include the excavation and disposal of about 13,000 cubic yards of wet sediment from the lake bottom. A narrow wetland and meadow will be created along part of the lake’s shore to protect the water and wildlife. Bypass pipes and a control valve will be installed to allow the lake to be partially drained prior to storms. "

 “When the Gardens Lake Restoration is completed, we will have dramatically improved the aquatic environment of Gardens Lake. The project provides increased flood damage prevention to those in the Town and Village of Mamaroneck who live along the Sheldrake River,"  said Town of Mamaroneck Supervisor Valerie M. O’Keeffe.

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  1. The problem with creating wetlands is that no one takes care of them and they eventually disappear or get overtaken by weeds. Just look at Columbus Park in Mamk or the Brook in Larchmont.

    If a follow-up maintenance plan is not implemented, this will be a colossal waste of everyone’s time and money.

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