Cohen Endorsed by NY Times

The New York Times today unexpectedly endorsed 37th State Senate District candidate Bob Cohen, a Republican, over the longtime incumbent Oppenheimer, who










has held the seat for 36 years. He’s a political newcomer. The Times editorial, saying Albany needs "sweeping change," explains,  "He wants to cap state spending with adjustments for inflation, set long-term targets for Medicaid and schools, and eliminate all V.I.P. tax credits to politically connected insiders.”

"Mr. Cohen," the editorial goes on,  "says he wants to work with both sides of the aisle, a revolutionary idea, especially in this polarized year. Senator Oppenheimer is a person of integrity, but she has too little to show for her years in Albany."

What do you think?

View our short videos of selected portions of their debate Oct, 21 in Mamaroneck.


  1. It is stunning for the NYT to pick the Suzi election as one to comment on, and further to not endorse Suzi and take Cohen instead. We recently moved from Pelham to New Rochelle and I was so bummed to move into Suzi’s district (out of J Klein’s) as the word on the street (as well as what I have observed in my mtgs with her while arts lobbying) is that she is years past the need to retire, rumors of dementia and the constant presence of her “guy” Rye non re-elected Mayor S Otis – who always presumed he would take her seat – to answer for her. It was almost uncomfortable to see her struggle. Anyhow, shame on the democratic community here for not rearing its head when they should, this from a person who was in Velella’s district (he um went to jail!).

  2. Great job Bob! Time to send Suzi packing!

  3. Odd timing at the NY Times.

    They observe that with 26 years, Oppenheimer has “little to show.” Not true, but beyond that, Suzi spent nearly her entire career in the Senate minority. Now, with thr NYS Senate about to turn Democratic. Suzi will have great seniority, and top committees chairs.

    Voting for Mr. Cohen would throw away her seniority, as well as our county’s voice in the new NYS senate.

    Back to her accomplishments: I would only say that she had done tremendously for education, and that the “taxes” she is blamed for were voted for by a majority of the GOP.

    Oppenheimer has always done very well for education, and for the handicapped.

    With Mr Cohen, we would have no voice, and he would haveto be his party leader’s lackey, just to get any committee post.

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