Coyote Briefing in Rye Thursday Evening

The City of Rye will hold a public forum tonight at 7 at Rye City Hall to give residents an update after two young girls were attacked by coyotes in four days.








Kevin Clarke of the New York State Department of  of Environmental Conservation will also give a presentation.

A 3-year-old girl was bitten in the neck and torso Tuesday night while she was playing with a neighbor behind her North Street home. On Friday, a 6-year-old girl was attacked by two coyotes in front of her LaSalle Avenue home. Both girls are recovering.

Police and trappers continued to search for the animals overnight, but Lt. Joseph Verille said there were no sightings. Police have been dispatched in groups of two, one armed shooter and one spotter, Verille said. They are searching both by car and on foot.

"They are looking for (coyote) activity and looking to be informational to the residents," Verille said.

The City of Rye is approximately six square miles. About one-fifth of the land is made up of recreation and conservation areas, providing ample cover for the animals.

"It’s a tough puzzle," Verille said. "And it’s a new puzzle."

Police are urging parents to keep a close watch on their children, especially during the early-evening hours.

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