Coyote Crossing

After a coyote ran onto a track at Rye Neck High School Monday


during a cross country team practice, adding to the list of the wild animal sightings in the area, both the Village of Mamaroneck and the School District are taking precautions.

The RNHS althletic staff now have air horns to scare away any potential unwanted visitors, but are stressing to students there is no need to be alarmed.

And the Village sent theLoop the following recommendations to residents: 

People should act in ways that will discourage coyotes from being attracted to their yards and property –

  • Be aggressive
  • Be loud
  • Act in a manner to scare away coyotes when they are seen
  •         Contain garbage in tightly enclosed and secured garbage cans and containers
  •         Don’t feed birds (the birds are a food source for coyotes; feeding them concentrates them in one area)
  •         Keep small children and pets under control and supervision, etc.
  • Residents are advised that by law they must have their dogs and cats immunized with proofs of immunization handy.  Otherwise if the animals have physical contact and/or fight with a coyote, it is possible animals could be required by the Health Department to be quarantined and/or possibly euthanized.


At this time, it is not a priority for the Village of Mamaroneck to seek out and call a wildlife trapper for sightings.  However, if sightings or incidents become frequent, or if the animal(s) become more confident and/or aggressive, we will revisit that policy.



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