Coyote Tip Sheet

When coyotes lose their natural fear of humans, a dangerous situation is at hand, Rye Police Commissioner William Connors said.

"In suburbia, life becomes easier for them," he said.





With garbage, pet food, bird seed and perhaps even people who feed them, coyotes can regularly come into contact with people and lose their fear.

Police offer the following tips:

1. If you encounter a coyote, be aggressive. Loud noises and forceful behavior will normally scare the animal away. Wave your arms and throw sticks or stones.

2. Do not feed coyotes.

3. Do not provide food sources that may attract them, such as outdoor pet food or bird seed. They may be attracted by the birds and rodents drawn to bird feeders.

4. Make garbage inaccessible.

5. Do not allow pets to run free. Coyotes can see cats or small dogs as prey. Conflicts are most frequent in March and April, when coyotes are establishing their dens

6. Small children should be supervised by an adult while outdoors.

7. Call the City of Rye Police Department at 914-967-1234 or dial 911 to report any coyote sightings.

Mary Gillick, a naturalist at the Rye Nature Center, had three more tips.

"Do not run, do not threaten it and do not corner it," she said.


  1. I can’t believe we have to worry about coyotes who might attack our children or pets! With a small dog and children of my own, I’d like to know how to defend my home turf. One tip says to “be aggressive and use “forceful behavior” to scare a coyote away. But, the last tip says “do not threaten it”… just wondering how to act forceful without be threatening!
    editrix What the Police Commissioner told us, for example, might be to bang some pots to scare it…make noise…just dont try to hit it or throw something at it to p*ss it off.

  2. There’s a bit of a contradiction between the first tip and the advice from Mary Gillick.

    Tip #1 says, “Loud noises and forceful behavior will normally scare the animal away. Wave your arms and throw sticks or stones” and this can be seen as threatening as in “do not threaten it.”

  3. Also marking your territory is a good way to keep coyotes off your property. Coyote’s tend to be “scent driven”. They are very sensitive to “markings”. A little urine sprinkled around the yard is a good deterent. It can also be a good family bonding experience, it’s fun for everyone. You can get the kids out there, invite the neighbors over -whatever you’re into. Come to think of it, what better gift for the kids parties this summer. Instead of goodie bags you can just hand out water bottles.

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