CSI New Ro

Here’s an innovative program at New Rochelle High School, where the final exam is at the scene of the crime….










from the New Rochelle School District:


New Rochelle High School students in Mr. Scott Rubins’ Forensic Science classes took their final exam Monday  in the New Rochelle Nature Study Woods, located on Webster Avenue in New Rochelle.  These Science students visited a mock crime scene set up in conjunction with the New Rochelle Police Department. 


Teams of students conducted investigations and searched for clues.  Police set up the scene with Mr. Rubins to create realistic scenarios for students to investigate and collect evidence.  Says Mr. Rubins, "This a cooperative project with the New Rochelle Police Department. I couldn’t do the project without them. Their amazing support is what makes this possible."


(If they found anything, they’re not telling us.)


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