DeForesting: What’s Going Here?


We’ve been wondering what is going to go into the ever-expanding lot at the corner of Forest and Weaver, Larchmont, next to Murray Avenue School.








Not a McMansion I hope.  Does anybody know for sure?

 -Harmon McAllister




  1. house, facing towards daymon terrace

  2. The builder who built the new houses on Colonial and Harmony is building a McMansion. Look at the one on Harmony, he hit all the setbacks……

  3. Are they really putting in only one house there? I would have thought it would be two houses.

  4. I am just glad I don’t live next door to that mess! If I was a neighbor I would be rather worried.

  5. it’s such a shame–that lot feels so naked, blazing hot and ungraceful without those beautiful big old trees, which have been shading Murray walkers and crossing guards, probably for generations!

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