Dive Bars: Listings and Reviews

 "A dive bar, or simply a dive, is a drinking establishment (or sometimes a restaurant) with a dated or ramshackle appearance and atmosphere. In a dive bar, the drinks tend to be cheap." (Wikipedia)

  You tell us. 













Billy Budd’s




Carlyn’s Cove It’s not about the food. Pub crawl staple. Great pool table and LAMP (Larchmont Area Mens Playgroup) hang. They just think we don’t know.  2118 Boston Post Road, Larchmont. 914.834.9788. 



Cellar Bar  Good place to hide. No clocks. No credit cards. No girlie drinks. Live music Saturday nights. Free chili dogs Thursday nights. Live it up.   8 Railroad Way, Larchmont. 914.834.8723. 


Duck Inn  Reviewer’s recollection is fuzzy. Local feel, good dart board and juke box. Friendly barkeep and sports on TV. And what’s with all the ducks?  128 W Boston Post Rd, Mamaroneck.  914. 835-8791


Kelly’s Sea Level  413 Midland Avenue, Rye. 914.967-3148.  and we hear there are more some good pubs in Rye. Anyone?


Silkie’s Saloon 454  Main Street New Rochelle 914.633-1857 .Can anyone tell us about this place?



Town House  One reviewer writes, "Dive bar. But not in a good way."  Across from the Mamaroneck train station. We spot a trend here (see bar across from a train station above.)      217 Halstead Avenue, Mamaroneck. 914.698-9600


Metro North Pub Crawl 






  1. Let’s not forget my favorite spot for beer & wings, Uncle Henry’s in Harrison. Anytime of day our night, you’ll see the same three regulars camped out at the bar. Try the chicken parm wedge!

  2. the dart board at the duck inn sucks!!!! the only night of the year to go there is at the firemans parade ..

  3. The Pub in Rye is a good spot but is a pretty local hang out. Better to go with someone from the town if you’re going late night. Kelly’s is cool as Mr. McGuire will come in once in a while and buy a round. You should never hang out in a dive that doesn’t buy the third beer back for you.

  4. I had the opportunity to spend some time at Silkies the other night. It is certainly no dive bar as I’ve been in plenty. The bar is quite nice and there are a few lounging areas with plush couches for intimate gatherings, tables with chess and backgammon boards built in (bring your own pieces) and a bar food menu that offers high quality, fresh and tasty bar staples. Silkies is owner operated for the past 7 years and it seems to be the place to have the party or to take the party for the after party – – open until 4 am. Don’t forget to visit the restrooms decorated in modern casual fetish. See http://www.myspace.com/silkiehen

    For Dive Bar action or inaction right near the New Rochelle Train Station there is Backyard Pub, Spectators Sports Bar and Juniors Bar & Grill all within throwing distance from the corner of Main & North Avenue. However, for true Dive-Bar ambiance visit Mason’s Pub at 16 Memorial Highway right next to Mo’s New York Grill.

    Competing with Larchmont’s Cellar for live music on Saturday nights is Dudley’s which has an open air deck overlooking the New Rochelle Marina.

    Close to the Pelham Train Station you can find The Public House on Fifth Avenue. Grab a couple slices from the famous Pelham Pizza to enjoy at the Public House along with the beverage and game or TV show of your choice.

  5. Had a blast at Silkies. Silkie was a great host

  6. Carlyns Cove has some of the best pub and seafood (inexpensive) around for the money. Don’t be fooled by the local lore…
    The Cove Rocks !

  7. lance loves the cellar

  8. True dive=NorthAve

  9. well…I have to fess up to being an expert on dive bars. The dart board at Duck Inn used to suck until my husband and I inspired them to fix the light and scoreboards. The jukebox there is ok. But our fave spot for darts, great jukebox and atmosphere is The Pub in Rye. Really good mix of people. We often go in dressed up after dinner at one of the nicer establishments in Rye and fit right in with all the locals. All ages. No judging. Everyone’s just happy.

  10. Ok, The Townhouse is a bit grubby, but it is a friendly local dive especially for the happy hour crowd, cheap drinks, good jukebox, cast of characters and everyone is really friendly and harmless, albeit drunk. It only tends to get funky late at night, but then again if you are out at 4 AM then what do you expect.

    Duck used to be so cool, a nice friendly place to hear some good music on Friday nights, play darts, catch a pint and a story, but ever since they let their full time bartender Tony go, well it really does stink.

    Cellar is ok, but crowd is for the college-aged so if you are over thirty don’t bother, unless you are desperate.

    Carlyn’s Cove: the food ROCKS!!!! Worth the trip just for that.
    Sherwood’s is good for food, but bar atomosphere just to hang leaves alo to be desired.

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