Doing Good

Two locals trying to make the world better…whether you’re driving or drinking  (coffee)



Great gift idea for your (and my) crackberry addict:  a blackberry app that detects car motion greater than 10 miles per hour and blocks the ability to text and call.  According to our friends at Fresh Green Light in Rye, calls go directly into voicemail and texters receive an automated response from the driver’s phone letting them know that he/she is driving and will respond after safely reaching the destination.  And right now, it’s a free download (already sent to my husband)  -maura carlin


Larchmont locals Marshal Case and Beth Radow have developed a 100% shade grown coffee for environmentally conscious coffee lovers. Trust for Wildlife Hummingbird Shadegrown coffee is now for sale at Auray Gourmet in Larchmont and on-line through Thanksgiving Coffee Company.   Proceeds go to Trust for Wildlife.  They got it made in the shade, dontcha know.  -polly kreisman



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