Emergency Meeting Over Emergency Services

Update: Mamaroneck Town Administrator Steve Altieri tells theLoop, "a productive meeting took place Tuesday morning



with MEMS and an agreement was reached, subject to Town approval at the Town Board meeting next Wednesday.


As we reported Saturday:

The Town of Mamaroneck and VIllage of Mamaroneck Boards held an "emergency meeting" Saturday January 23 to discuss the status of the Mamaroneck Ambulance District contract with Mamaroneck Emergency Medical Services (MEMS).  The Mamaroneck Ambulance District covers The Town and Village of Mamaroneck, Rye Neck, and the Village of Larchmont.



The problems stem from apparent personality conflicts and mistrust between the District and the MEMS, and by a new clause requiring adherence to policies of the District.  The contract expires January 31, 2010 and as of now, a new contract has not been signed. 


MEMS and the Larchmont/Town of Mamaroneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps (VAC) provide emergency services to the District, which was formed more than 15 years ago and is often cited as a successful example intermunicipal consolidation.   


The VAC has signed the new agreement.   The Town and Village held the meeting in an attempt to mediate, but the MEMS Captain was not present.  Another meeting is scheduled for January 26 between the MEMS Captain and District Director (Town of Mamaroneck Administrator Steve Altieri).


Emergency services in the Villages of Mamaroneck and Larchmont, the Town of Mamaroneck and Rye Neck are provided by the primarily volunteer and dedicated members of MEMS and VAC, some of whom travel from as far as NYC and Long Island to serve this community.


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  1. So we’re letting “apparent personality conflicts” interfere with saving lives? Not only that but there’s a problem with “a new clause requiring adherence to policies of the District”. What ?!? This organization has personality conflicts [i]and[/i] they have a problem with the rules? This seems ridiculous for emergency responders. Grow up already.

    Why not, in this age of talk of consolidation, eliminate the “conflicted” and possibly duplicitous layer of government and have the rescue services completely taken over and provided by the Mamaroneck Ambulance District?

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