Emma’s Ale House

At a time when many restaurants struggle to stay open, one recent Saturday night at Emma’s Ale House in


White Plains, on Gedney Way,  (just off either Mamaroneck Ave. or Mamaroneck Road) had a one hour wait if you didn’t have a reservation.

There’s a good reason why. The vibe is comfortable ale house with sophistication. Groups of casually dressed suburbanites, young couples on dates, and a family with reasonably well behaved kids (mine) seemed equally comfortable and were equally welcomed.

Owner Casey Egan, who named the spot for his yellow lab Emma, is passionate about creating a great experience. And the guy knows his hops.

The ale and beer selection is beyond my expertise, but believe me, if you know beers, you’ll be quite happy.  Ordering a glass of wine gets you a small carafe that really holds two; I was won over then.

It was cold, so we all shared two very tasty soups, a well-done French Onion and a Soup du Jour, thick Homemade Portobello Mushroom (delicious even without cream.) For supper, a Porcini Ravioli was beautifully done and an "Emma salad" was ordered with salmon; this turned out to be a very generous piece nicely grilled. The kids were happy with a humongous Fish ‘n Chips and some creamy Mac and Cheese.

We highly recommend Emma’s for lunch or dinner. The bar, too, is nice with friendly, knowledgeable bartenders, that outrageous selection of beer and ales, and good wine.


(Emma’s is a proud sponsor of theLoop. We are under no obligation to review this (or any) restaurant.)



  1. I have been there a few times, never for more than a few beers and apps. at the bar. You’ve got to try the steak sliders. AWESOME.

  2. You shouldn’t be reviewing one of about 4 restaurants that may advertise. (even with disclaimer) what a joke! We know you wouldn’t dare print a bad review, Plus you dont have ethics so Im sure you wont print this either. lol

    editrix: we print plenty of “bad” reviews,if they are deserved, in the FOOD section. And, whoever you are, you appear to spend a lot of time on this site. and we thank you for that. 🙂

  3. Dear “You Shouldn’t Review:”
    The beauty of this site is that even you, a coward who won’t divulge your identiy when criticizing, can contribute your thoughts about a new restaurant. Why don’t you sample it, and give back something useful? Then, we can all be the judge of whether or not The Loop is too biased to offer its review. Thanks.
    Andy Barovick

  4. I had a business lunch today (August 2, 2010) at Emma’s Ale House, and was very pleased with the experience, from the laid back yet attentive service, to the food (hint-this is NOT “bar food”) to the ambiance, which was perfect for being able to hear the person across the table.
    I can’t talk about the ales, since it was too early (for me, anyway) to be drinking them. However, I did see two blackboards–one for bottled beer, and one for drafts–each of which had about 15-20 good choices.
    What I liked most, however, was the Gedney Way location. Though it’s in White Plains, and close to the action, it is far enough from downtown that it feels like a respite from the daily grind. It is, therefore, quieter and easier to find a parking space.
    I would return here for burgers and beer, and I’d bring the family, too.

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