Empty Storefronts in theTimes

…and an old friend returns to Mamaroneck:  Local New York Times reporter Joe Berger says he was "alerted" to the growing siege of empty storefronts on Palmer Avenue by our story on the impending closing of The Luggage Stop.









You can see his piece here.

And you may have heard that Chocolations will soon return to Mamaroneck. A full-on chocolate factory will open in August at

607 E. Boston Post Road Mamaroneck.  (the old Phyllis Victor space.)


  1. meh.. so what ? It took the Times this long to see what was going on in NYC’s backyard ? What makes Larchmont any different than Scarsdale or Eastchester or even Central Ave. ? just because Larchmont is “quaint” and has one of the highest median incomes IN THE COUNTRY, does not protect you from the coming nightmare that is “workforce housing” and empty storefronts. Think about it. Other towns and counties have it MUCH worse than we do. we should be glad there are only 17 vacancies in Larchmont. We should be glad there is only 16 vacancies in Eastchester, 10 in Scarsdale Village. Hell Central Ave. is half empty. So what ? Is every one afraid there arent enough places to shop ?

  2. again, wondering why we rarely see stories in the the media about businesses that are doing just fine despite the economic downturn? I guess “good news” is not news? Then again, if successful business owners share the secrets to their success, maybe we would have more successful businesses. Hmmmm…..

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