Feeling the Heat

Scorching, steamy, miserable, and simply unbearable. Over the past 7 days those adjectives apply to one thing for sure – the weather.







 However, as the mercury rises, there are many Westchester residents who are making the best of it.

Whether it’s hibernating in the office, catching a movie, heading to the mall to take advantage of holiday sales or staying put to watch the World Cup, finding an air-conditioned oasis is top priority for many.

"This heat is insane.  It feels like there is no escape. We are hanging home today and going to watch soccer,” announced one Westchester mom.

Trying to escape the heat meant going to the beach for some. But, beachgoers beware. – One Westchester resident went to Jones Beach for the day and quickly bailed because there was not a morsel of sand to lay her towel on. Another found that morsel of sand, but was quickly engulfed by a sea of people and found it impossible to find a path to the water.  He wound up shedding a few pounds of water weight over the course of the sultry afternoon.

The local beaches and pools were not as crowded as you would think. But those who chose to brave the great outdoors say it is bearable as long as you stay in the water. “Once you get out, the best thing to do is wear your sweat with pride and then eat some ice cream.”

Speaking of food, forget about cooking – it’s way too hot to think about turning on the stove.  Sandwiches and light fare are what’s for dinner these days.  On top of that, you’ll have to give up exercising outside during the heat wave, it’s just too dangerous.

Seems like the record-breaking temperatures are forcing people inside…..so if you can’t beat the heat, go to work. Or take a nap!

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