Fight at Five Corners

The fur is still flying in Scarsdale over a tiny piece of property at Five Corners. On August 9,  the   Heathcote Five Corners Coalition 












told the Scarsdale Board of Trustees Law Committee a thing or two.

It’s all over a lease for a tiny parcel of village-owned land that provides access to the Heathcote Tavern parking lot. Tavern owners Fish and Oder want a new lease for the driveway and a small portion of the parking lot, in order to sign a deal with yet another new restaurant, Apulia, due to open there in September.

However, members of the Heathcote Five Corners Coalition question why a renewal of the recently expired prior lease won’t do. Some suspect the developers want a long-term lease in order to get financing to develop the Tavern property. 

You may recall earlier this year Fish and Oder sought a 49 year lease on the driveway with a 49 year option to renew and last year they asked to purchase the strip of land from the Village so that they could get financing to build a multi-use complex of residential and retail space.

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