From the Editrix: It’s all about You

You can read it, pick up dog poop with it, but you can’t yell at a newspaper. Talking back to your TV too much makes you look like a crazy person.








But here, in this exciting, new kind of media, things are different. You’re in charge.

Of course, In theLoop, news is covered and posted by trained journalists, people who did this at newspapers and TV stations. But in only one way, we think, does that make us journalists in 2010.

Now, we see journalism differently. You are news consumers, but you are also our sources, our writers, our tipsters, our photographers, our complainers, our fans. We provide the platform, and you dance on it.

Look at some of the things we have accomplished together:

Remember the Skank Tunnel? Together we put pressure on the Village, the Town, the MTA and the State to get it fixed .

Moon Over My Nanny. You wrote in, we checked it out. More than 75 comments were on  3 parts to the story giving us all insight into how our friends and neighbors feel about who watches our children and how; class, race, ethnicity, guilt over two working parents, even how police respond to women. 

And…we actually have another, final twist in that story ready to go, when the lawyers say we can.

You write the best restaurant reviews in the County.

And we are in the process of finding out what the problem is with smoke spewing out of Larchmont Acres.

Larchmont, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, as well as Rye and Scarsdale are each about to have yet another "chain" of corporately funded hyperlocal sites parachute in this summer.

There is room for everyone. But we are independent and original. We are not driven by the interests of a huge corporation. This site doesnt look like 100 templates across the Country with the same name. You are the shareholders in theLoop. Your opinion matters, we are your advocates, your rants are our rants and your raves are our raves. And in return, we try to do a great job of covering local news. In fact, we are passionate about it.

What could be better? Literally. Are there ways we can improve? Are there things we should or shouldn’t be doing?

Please leave your important opinions in the comments below. We’re listening.


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