Fundraiser Says Rye Neck Schools Turned Her Down

The woman behind the upcoming community fundraiser to benefit earthquake victims in Haiti says she planned the event after being turned down


by the Rye Neck School District when she asked for help raising money. 

Mamaroneck resident Danielle Sajous Yergo, the daughter of Haitian immigrants, went before a Rye Neck Board of Education meeting January 20 to express her disappointment at being turned down earlier in the day when she offered to help organize a District-wide fundraiser, much  as the Mount Vernon School District is.

A letter to Ms. Sajous Yergo from Board president Heidi Sickles explains, "all of the current initiatives are age appropriate and student driven," such as "collecting loose change in a jar" or other similar activities.

Sajous Yergo says she planned the Cocktails for a Cause fundraiser. She says she then approached Schools Superintendent Peter Mustich with the idea of distributing flyers for this event.

Sajous Yergo tells theLoop, "He refused to distribute my flyer … stating that he was unable to because of New York State guidelines." She says she researched the guidelines and found that distributing flyers is allowed (NYSE rule 19.6,) and sent her findings to the Board of Education.

 An email in response from Board Member Nancy Tucci , and cc’d to Ms. Sajous Yergo reads, "Obviously she is not done with this….I will absolutely NOT be attending this event."

Emails to Sickles and Tucci, as well as to Rye Schools Superintendent Mustich from theLoop did not receive responses. 

The Cocktails for a Cause event is planned for Friday night beginning at 7:00 pm in Mamaroneck.



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