Haircuts for Hope

Gisele Guerrero of the eponymous Gisele’s Salon in Larchmont is at it again, offering haircuts and a little pampering to clients of HOPE Community Servces










in New Rochelle, on September the 13th. 

She writes,

"We are looking for toiletries to give to our clients like;  Shampoo and conditioner, tooth brushes and tooth paste, deodorant, razors and shaving cream, and soap.  This can be for a male or a female as well as children.  All donations can be brought to Gisele’s Salon on, or by 11th of September.

All hair cuts are for free and we do volunteer our time every two months to do this, our clients are in need of these products to keep them feeling good.  I am always looking for someone to offer lunch to the clients while they are waiting to have their hair cut.  We are usually there from 1:00 until 5:00. 

This time Tequila Sunrise will be offering the lunch; Melissa, the owner of the restaurant, was kind enough to accept.

It is a community of caring people. I am grateful to everyone who has helped in the past and continues to help out including my Stylists from Gisele’s Salon who give of their time willingly : Monica Nybeck, Siobhan Healy, and a special thanks to a very giving stylist from Gisele’s Salon who started with me on this mission on April 13th, 2009,  Sheila Fernandes .

I also want to thank all my clients for generosity as well as the friends of the stylists who have helped us in the past including Anna Rivera and Susanna.

Should any licensed stylist like to volunteer please feel free to call Gisele’s Salon at 834-1700 and mention "Hair Cuts for Hope", we would really appreciate it.  Any one can help either at the Soup Kitchen, or help us sweep the hair, call the next client or give out the gifts and serve the lunch.

Thanks in advance!

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