1. Head to Harrison for Sushi.
    Momiji, 261 Halstead Ave, Harrison, 914-835-1078 — Excellent!
    Hajime, 267 Halstead Ave, Harrison, 914-777-1543 — Good

  2. For the best FRESH Sushi Hajime is absolutely the BEST! For great bar food and a great place to watch sports don’t forget CARLYN’s Cove. The town needs more family restaurants.

  3. The sushi was “very good”? Tastes differ, of course, but when I ate there a few weeks ago, I predicted the place couldn’t last, because the sushi was awful. Just this side of spoiled, in fact. Now, [i]I’m[/i] spoiled, it’s true, by the superlative fish at Hajime in Harrison, but Sachi’s sushi was even worse than that found at Abis or Toyo in Mamaroneck.

    That said, I’m sorry to hear of the violence, and I hope the owners can get their act together (and get better fish!), and try again. And I agree with LyndaLarch: the place needs an exterior facelift too!

  4. The noodle soups–eg, nabeyaki udon–are what keep me coming back to this place.

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