Historian’s New Era

Larchmont Historian Judith Doolin Spikes has resigned her post after 30 years, but can never go too far. The co-author of










Larchmont Then and Now: A Photohistory, tells theLoop, "After 37 years in Larchmont, the children long grown it has for at least a decade seemed like time for my husband, Jim, and I to move on to the next stage of our life….I will always be interested in keeping up with news from Larchmont, and very happy to receive queries about its history.









You may recall her occasional "Then and Nows" in theLoop (check out that first fire house and Village Hall .). 

Beginning in September, Judith will have a regular column here and we expect it to make some history,





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  1. Do get her book–it’s beautiful. I think they have it at Anderson’s, along with several other really great local history books.

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