1. And Hunan Larchmont is awful! I just will not eat there – the food is tasteless. If you are in town, Ray’s is the only place to go, but it’s Shanghai cusine, so you won’t find all the traditional favorites. However, the food is very fresh and well-prepared. Otherwise, it’s Goldenrod, on the Boston Post Rd in New Rochelle, just beyond the Larchmont border. And they deliver to Larchmont.

  2. Hunan in Larchmont. Great lunch deal, but dinner gets pretty costly. Quality is pretty good, too.

    Also, Cosmo and Alex deli in Mamaroneck on Mamaroneck Ave. Great Italian deli, the eggplant parm is excellent. Their sandwhiches are only $5 and although you don’t get as much food as Anthony’s, I’d say the quality is better. Also have imported italian grocery goods and the best price for parmigiano-reggiano cheese in the area.

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