It Rained on Larchmont’s Parade

But they marched on! Huddled at first at the Larchmont Train station platform, scores of scouts and their grown-ups


questioned whether several flashes of lightning were a good reason to cancel. Chaos reigned. While they pondered, the High School band and one troupe of bagpipers packed up and left.

Eventually, the clouds parted, hundreds took to the streets, and show went on.

Our slide show is below. And Kate Kelly writes about the Larchmont parade in HuffPo.

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  1. Very odd! I live two-three blocks away from the parade site and it was as if there was no evidence that the parade was going to take place. I didn’t hear it like I normally do; perhaps the wind was blowing the sounds away? Even my highschooler who’s in the band didn’t know about the parade (and didn’t attend).

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