Kearns Deli Sold, Closes for Now

A cornerstone of the local community, Kearns Deli has shut its doors after 14 years.


It’s rare that the closing of a small business makes our news column. But it seems everyone was touched in some way here.

Below is a letter we received from Jim Kearns in the wee hours Friday:


Dear Polly:


 I’d like to take this opportunity to let you and "theLoop" readership know that Lillian and I  have sold our business to a VERY nice couple,Edwin & Amy Estacio.Our last day of business was Thursday,Nov.5 and the store is now closed for much needed renovation.It will re-open as a beautiful,state -of-the art bakery/deli and we hope that all of our friends in Larchmont will join us at their Grand Opening.


Lillian & I would like to apologize to all of our loyal customers for closing on such short notice,but we had very little control over the exact timing of the deal and did not want to make a premature announcement.We’d like to emphasize to all of our friends that this is a good thing for us.


Although we are (really) going to miss everybody,we are both pretty burnt out after 14 yrs. of 7 day weeks & 14hr. work days.We intend to stay in touch and have compiled an e-mail list toward that end.PLEASE e-mail us at if we do not have your contact info.We are also planning an Evening at the Cellar Bar so that we can say farewell properly.I plan to spend Saturday morning loitering outside the store so that I can say good-bye to some of our week-end regulars.THANK YOU to everyone who has made the past 14 yrs. so rewarding for us!  


Jim Kearns     


(hey Jim: can i have  the hendrix poster?)




  1. Jim and Lillian,

    All of Larchmont will miss you!

    Personally, I will never forget your generosity as Vendor Volunteers for the “Let Freedom Ring Flag Pin Project” in support of our local families who lost loved ones on 9/11/01.

    You will always have a special place in my heart.

    Best of luck!
    Irene Byrne Ohl

  2. Good Luck Jim,

    I know how difficult your first months of retirement will be. After 25 years at Larchmont Pharmacy and then that quick sale I found myself still wanting the joy of work and the wonderful customers. Enjoy this time of no working 14 hours a day and smell the roses. You will find something to do to keep occupied.
    Charles Sorkin
    My Essentials

  3. hi,Polly-thanks again for publishing my letter last week-I would like to let you and your readership know that Lillian & I will be holding court at the Cellar Bar on Friday,Nov.13 from 6p.m. until ? –there will be food,a cash bar & the best music to be found on an internet jukebox-We hope that you will be able to stop by so that we can offer you and all of our loyal friends/customers a proper farewell…Jim Kearns

  4. Jim, classy note above from you.

    From a fellow Bronxite who got to know you and Lillian via your catering at Clarke Auction, I wish you both the best.

    I’ll miss the books and music talks over a quick bite too.

    Hopefully I’ll see you tonight!!!

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