Larchmont Negotiates Union Contracts

The Village of Larchmont successfully negotiated contracts for its union workers that reflect the fiscal restraint statewide.







Both the CSEA clerical workers and administrative support staff and the Department of Public Works staff will receive raises of 1 1/2 percent a year for three years. New employees of both unions will be requires to pay 20% of health care benefits, with no cap.

"I think he did an amazing job," said Trustee Jaine Elkind Eney of Mayor Josh Mandell’s efforts. "We are extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated and talented group of people working in the Village of Larchmont," she added.

Other business at Monday night’s Board of Trustee meeting included an announced public hearing on November 22 to consider abandoning dog licensing in the Village of Larchmont; dog owners would obtain licenses in Mamaroneck instead.

And brownie troop 1832 has planted bulbs in Constritution Park to beautify the gazebo area.


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  1. [quote][i]What at first was plunder assumed the softer name of revenue.[/i]
    – Thomas Paine[/quote]

    Will the Town of Mamaroneck be appropriately compensated with additional revenue if the Village of Larchmont abandons dog licensing, having Village residents obtain the licenses in Mamaroneck instead?

    Or will the Town residents incur another loss, as they did when it the Town exempted Village property from real estate taxes?

    Perhaps its time for real consolidation where all win instead of a game of trading cards where there are winners and losers but perhaps mostly losers.

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