Larchmont Parking Limits Reinstated

The Larchmont Chamber of Commerce plans to ask the Village Traffic Commission to reverse the decision to resume one-hour parking in the business district





as of July 1. A parking time limit extension had been in effect from February to June 30. Now, shoppers may be subject to ticketing and fines in certain areas, such as Palmer Avenue and the Boston Post Road.

If you have comments for the Chamber on the parking change, please email them to





  1. Instead of fining the people who park and support our local businesses, please consider giving tickets to the people who double park or make U Turns instead. This is a Village where we like to think we are a part of that distinct Village town” feel”. Rushing us out of stores and restaurants will only change this place more than is needed. We are close enough to the city, and in some ways far enough, let’s not become too citified!

  2. Giving tickets to those, including trucks, which are never ticketed (why does the UPS or FedEx guy not have to obey the same laws that the rest of us do?), that double park, and to the many who make U-turns, including on Palmer, the Post Road, Chatsworth and Larchmont Avenues, not to mention those who drive while jabbering on cell phones, would improve traffic flow and safety in our Village.

    One hour, however, means one cannot grab a decent meal, get a haircut, etc. How about two hours? That would give us a chance to eat, shop, etc., and still produce a turnover of parking spaces?

  3. Is this supposed to entice us to Shop Local? Local stores are struggling to stay open as it is. Putting time limits on loyal shoppers is not the solution. Keep K. Fitz in the stores!

  4. the reason i end up in greenwich shopping is because i can park for over 2 hours and have a meal and shop along the entire avenue. larchmont forces you out too quickly.

    if the police really wanted to make revenue by giving tickets, everyone is correct: just sit there on weaver between palmer and the fire station and you’ll catch a dozen people at any point on their phones. no one pays any attention at all to that law or the danger of driving while on the phone. and is there a law for not signaling? the community would clean up–though i’ve seen the police fail to signal all the time as well as i nearly plowed into their cars from behind.

  5. The 2 hour extended parking was working just fine, businesses in Larchmont are still struggling, so why on earth did they revert to the 1 hour parking, does not make sense at all.

  6. Just take a look at the vacant shops in town! How can these parking rules encourage shoppers to visit the village and keep it vibrant and alive?!!!!!

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