Larchmont Robbery Suspects Sought

Several of you wrote to us yesterday asking us what police helicopters were doing in the air above…Larchmont Police say a man was robbed


behind the Leonardo’s restaurant on Palmer Avenue of an undisclosed amount of cash. Two people were unloading supplies from their truck for delivery to the restaurant when they were accosted by a man with a gun.

The drivers were told to stand by the truck while a second suspect tried to steal money from the safe inside the truck, but he was unable to open it.

The perps fled eastbound. Larchmont, Westchester County, New Rochelle, Harrison and Mamaroneck Village Police as well as K-9 and a County helicopter unit searched the area for several hours but were unable to find the suspects.

The gun was later determined to be a pellet gun.



  1. And the Town of Mamk police? where were they? Isnt it in fact in the TOM? (but I guess you dont really know the difference right? Well thats what it seems lol)
    editrix nope,, they were not involved. if they had been we would have reported such. Readers- this person flames our site frequently and writes very negative stuff about us elsewhere. if anyone knows him, pls let us know. he was evidently in the police blotter once, and not happy about it….

  2. KEWL,
    Neither Leonardos or the area the robbers fled is in the TOM, it was all in the VOL. If it makes you feel any better, the TOM cops did have patrol cars at the border and I believe a cop at the train station.
    Stay Kewl

  3. I’m curious how they determined it was a pellet gun if they were unable to find the suspects? Maybe the gun was discovered near the scene.
    editrix Hi prof- the police say only that the gun was “recovered.” Sorry I left that out.

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