Larchmont Wins “Best Commuting Town”

Did Loop Larchmartians stuff the ballot box? Earlier this month, we told you about the poll on for The Best Metro Area Commuting Town. Herewith, the results:








from trainjotting:

"The Best Damn Commuter Town Period title stays in Westchester, as Larchmont was selected by Trainjotting readers as the best mix of relatively easy transit to the city, low-ish a**hole ratio, lively downtown, parks, taxes, and other quality of life issues involving the tri-state area.

Pleasantville won the prize the first/last time we held the Best Damn Commuter Town Period poll, in 2008.

New Jersey was very well represented in the voting, especially among towns starting with the letter ‘M’: (Montclair, Maplewood, Metuchen, Millburn, Westfield, Summit, New Providence). Long Island got a token mention (Mineola). In the 914, there were nominations for Tarrytown. Connecticut, meanwhile, was altogether snubbed.

But Larchmont, pushed over the top by a swell of nominations from its blog community, won in a relative landslide–most nominators citing walkability and easy access to Manhattan via Metro-North.

Writes “Sean”:

The neighborhoods are beautiful and established, with great architecture (virtually no teardowns and/or McMansions). Most of it is walkable to the train and the two ‘downtowns’ with a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and bars – and many of us can walk to the schools as well.

We also have a 29 minute express train to NYC, and it’s just over a half hour to drive to Manhattan in off hours – which helps add up to a feeling that we’re very ‘connected’ to the city.

Adds “Jeff”:

Very close to the city, walkable and less pretentious then some of its neighbors despite its affluent population.

So enticing is Larchmont to commuters that new Met Jason Bay announced recently that he’d bucked the trend of MLB ballers living in the wilds of Greenwich and scored a place smack in the middle of Yankee country in the 10538. Like so many voters in the Best Damn Commuter Town poll, he cited the commute.

“We actually have a place in the burbs, out in Westchester County,” Bay told “In Larchmont. Larchmont was about as far as we wanted to go from the ballpark. Everybody was like, ‘Greenwich, Greenwich, Greenwich.’ But Greenwich is like 45 minutes without traffic. New York, an hour commute is like 15 minutes for everybody else … 20 minutes, tops. I don’t want to drive forever — especially with traffic.”

To celebrate Bay’s arrival, Larchmont mayor Elizabeth Feld will rename the piece of the Long Island Sound that marks Larchmont’s southern border “Long Island Bay” on the Mets’ home opener April 5.

Congrats to all residents of Larchmont–or, as they’re known locally, ‘Larchmartians.’"

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