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  1. If it’s authentic Mexican you’re after, head to Main Street in New Rochelle. Little Mexican Cafe and others are low key, reasonably priced, and serve surprisingly good Mexican food. What they lack in atmosphere, they more than make up for in quality of the dining experience.

    For fans of Indian food, check out Coramandel in New Rochelle. Service can be spotty. The color scheme is repulsive. The acoustics are terrible. On a weekend night, it is often difficult to hear the person sitting across from you. But the food makes it all worth it. Though it’s not on the menu, ask for shrimp vindaloo, if you can handle the heat. The freshlyl breaked breads (paratha, etc.) are excellent. Coramandel makes the Indian food available on East 6th Street in New York seem like something that should only be available at Petco. They have a good selection of beers, Indian and otherwise, to help deal with the heat and offset the spices. They also have a party room.

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