Liz Feld takes out China for Christmas

The Mayor of Larchmont won’t be buying any presents from China this year, as


evidenced by an editorial today in a Conservative blog.


She’s busy today; after sending that, she criticized U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), whose seat Feld has made no secret she’s eyeing, over the healthcare bill passed in the Senate today:  



"Kirsten Gillibrand delivered coal in the stockings of New Yorkers this morning by voting for a healthcare bill that will cost us more than a billion dollars every year in lost Medicaid funds, according to Governor Paterson. Mayor Bloomberg warned that the bill could force hundreds of healthcare facilities across New York City to close.  Yet Senator Gillibrand cast the deciding vote for the bill, despite its impact on New Yorkers. It begs the question: Who does Kirsten Gillibrand work for, Harry Reid or the people of New York State?  Sadly, that question seems to have been answered this morning." 





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