Loop Top 10 of ’10

It’s time for our annual Top 10– the ten stories you clicked the most in 2010. The only parameter here is hit count.

Last year, in 2009,  we were far feistier, with mooning nannies and melees in the park. 


This time around, we’re quieter about our bad behavior…complaining about walking our kids to school, on the cellphone while driving, and other alleged crimes;  we’re also angry about the tenure system and curious about businesses coming and going. And stories with the most visitors often had the most interesting (ie: juicy) comments

Drum roll please… (because we actually have 11…with which to greet 2011…)

#11 The Screen Door Slams : This was our late summer conversation about what you love most about summer that turned, somehow, into a Springsteen tribute.

#10 Rumorville: Stores Coming to Larchmont?!  Yup. And some of us were even glad.

#9  Highlights from Mamaroneck School Budget Work Session: Lest we forget, that Spring school   budget season was a doozy. 

#8: Rumorville: What’s Going in the old Larchmont Store?: Sadly, nothing did. (And the landlord has turned away at least one restaurant, we learned this week.)

#7: See-Click-Fix: The pothole patrol never sleeps.

#6: Rumorville: New Biz!:  News of the first wave of new retail in Larchmont back in March drew over 3700 readers.

#5: Now teaching in Bronxville, Denial of Tenure to MHS Teacher ignited a firestorm across  generations.

#4: Shout-Out/Complaint Department Coming in at 4400 views, (suspended in August and brought back this week) complaining (and compliments) are big in this community.

#3:  Community Bloggers:  theLoop’s feed that showcases community bloggers and what they’re saying.

#2 Larchmont Business Owners Charged with Grand Larceny : Definitely struck a nerve… a November court date was postponed.

and the…

#1 most visited story on theLoop in 2010: Kim Bern’s account of trying to smile through Walk to School Week in Rye Neck (and the subsequent comments…)  Life by Design: Talk the Walk


Also getting very high hit counts are these items, which are ‘evergreen’ as we say in the biz, or always available on the site.

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