Loop*Poll Results

We like clothing stores and restaurants, and we don’t need jewelry. If you shop in Larchmont (or used to), these are the results of the Loop Poll that we shared









with some of the small business owners and others who working to bring businesses back.


There was a total of 238 responders, with one vote per person built in.


What Kind of local business would you MOST support to fill an empty storefront?

clothing/shoe store
53           22.3%    
52           21.8%    
variety store
50           21%    
37           15.5%    
health food
25           10.5%    
7           2.9%    
spa services/fitness
6           2.5%    
newspapers/ books
5           2.1%    
bank/ real estate
3           1.3%    
0           0%    


  1. Bank ? Chase has 2 spots, Citi is there, Wachovia is also right there. People’s is right up the Post Rd. TrustCo is on Post Rd.

    Shoe and clothes shops arent opening in downtown areas currently. They are staying and going to the malls. That is just the cycle we are in.

    More expensive food places ? would you prefer a supermarket instead ?

  2. Sign at Larchmont train station says that Fairway is opening this spring in Pelham. It will be in a shopping center with parking and other stores (and paying taxes to ____ ).

    New Poll: Tell us where will everybody will be shopping and why. Feel to list stores, communities, etc.

  3. We will never get a store like Fairway, since we have no space large enough, have limited space to park and do not want the traffic.
    What we need are smaller stores, akin to Mamaroneck Avenue in Mamaroneck, but of a higher quality.
    We need more parking wherever possible (not less, such as for bike lanes and sidewalk protrusions), since, like it or not, shoppers, including older and not-so-local, drive to shop, and we need more stores that sell what people want to buy, and at a somewhat competitive price.
    The Larchmont Store was a flourishing variety store for decades, and only died due to poor management and obvious lack of capital on the part of the new owner. It offered things people wanted, and at decent prices. That’s what we need again.
    Another idea–since many locals can shop in Larchmont only on Saturdays and Sundays, how about being open not only on Saturdays but also on Sundays, such as Foley’s has done with considerable apparent success (despite Home Depot a few miles away)?

  4. We need a sports store – a place to pick up batting gloves, mouth guards, shin guards etc without having to go to a big box store. And the soon-to-open sports store on BPR won’t be providing that yet; it’s focusing on tennis and fitness.

  5. Restaurants should be the primary entry (everything else can be purchased online, easer, cheaper); high end boutiques for all the moms with extra money and time on their hands. but there definitely should be another parking garage created. that’s the biggest deterrrant for many people as they are too lazy/fat/old to walk to the downtown.

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