Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht: Unsettled About Settlement

Mamaroneck Village residents spoke out against settling lawsuits with the Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club . . . 



 in response to published statements and rumors that the Village is actively pursuing a settlement.  

At the January 25th Village Board of Trustees Meeting, eight residents expressed deep concern about allowing the development of residential housing on the waterfront and asked the Village to stand firm on its prior position and enforcement of the Local Waterfront Revitalization Act (LWRA).   Dan Natchez called the Club’s owner a "bully" who has been trying to build residences at the Club for 25 years.   He also warned against a "domino effect" and "slippery slope" to more development.  Another man advised the Board not to be "pennywise and pound foolish" – that preserving the harbor bears the investment in legal fees.

 Former Trustee Nick Allison pointed out that this was not the time to settle as a decision is due shortly on the Club’s challenge to the Zoning Board’s decision to allow only 12 seasonal housing units.  No residents spoke in favor of the Club’s proposal.  Mayor Norman Rosenblum repeatedly assured residents that he agreed with them about maintaining the character of Mamaroneck Village and the shoreline, but declined to comment further about negotiations.   


Also at the meeting, the Village’s audited financial statements were presented and showed the Village to be in "excellent financial condition."  The Village successfully managed expenses and was able to increase its surplus funds.


Public hearings will be held at the next Board meeting regarding changes in laws to increase parking fines and charges for bounced checks.  

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