Mamaroneck Election Update- Some Numbers

We received the following note from Mamaroneck Village Mayor Norman Rosenblum Thursday afternoon. Despite difficulties in achieving a true count









in Village Trustee elections, he issued the following, which means Democrats are leading:



"The numbers below are unofficial and do not take into account the supposed approximate 500 paper ballots. Obviously there is still the possibility of changes due to the number of uncounted ballots. 

These numbers are a combination of the BOE and local readings the night of the election. Both remain

to be verified and I believe that will not be before next Wed."


RYAN:                                                2,117


HOFSTETTER:                                    2,065


ALBERT:                                            1,948


VOZZA:                                              1,866


SULLIVAN                                          1,857


YBARRA:                                           1,844


PERNICK                                            1,924


DERRICO                                           1,940



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