Mamaroneck Probes Fire Response

Responding to complaints from displaced residents, Town of Mamaroneck officials are






reviewing the response times to Sunday morning’s Larchmont Acres fire.


" … the Town of Mamaroneck is gathering information and reviewing records from various emergency services agencies to confirm the time of response of our fire department," Town Administrator Steve Altieri said in a statement Tuesday.  Officials expect to release additional information Wednesday afternoon, they said.

Residents of the building’s 48 units may soon be able to return home for the first time since the early morning blaze.

Engineering reports show the building suffered no structural damage, meaning the six-story building could reopen in two phases over the next few days, Altieri said.

The left side, which was unaffected by the fire, could open after electrical and plumbing inspections are completed, possibly as early as Wednesday.  The other side, which actually suffered damage, could open later this week.  One apartment was gutted in the blaze.

So far, the investigation shows that the fire itself, which erupted at 4:30 a.m. Sunday in the complex’s building 4,  was contained to that one apartment, though smoke from that fire filled the 48-unit building, forcing its evacuation, he said.


 A total of 70 firefirghters from the Town, villages of Larchmont and Mamaroneck and City of New Rochelle responded to the blaze.

There were no deaths or serious injuries. 



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  1. [quote]”The other side, which actually suffered damage, could open later this week.”

    “There were no deaths or serious injuries.”[/quote]

    What’s the problem? Police, fire, and ambulances were there within minutes, no one was seriously hurt, the fire was limited to one apartment. It was a great response time by the firemen for the middle of the night, remember, most firemen are volunteers and are fast asleep at their own homes at that time.

    If you want to blame anyone, blame the guy who left the space heater on all night. Our professional rescuers, together with our volunteers (our neighbors!) did exactly what we pay/ask them to do – save our butts once again. Nice job, guys/gals.

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