Mamaroneck Shares

Plans are coming along for the three nighttime street fairs in Mamaroneck this summer. A team of committed business owners and residents have arranged








to close Mamaroneck Avenue to traffic on three Thursday nights– June 24, July 29 and August 19–and celebrate the quality and the diversity of the Village’s merchants and restaurants…with food and drinks, games, music and more.

The goal is to raise money for local charities through sales and raffle tickets.

If you have ideas for the Mamaroneck Shares events or there is a local charity that you support, please leave your comments below. theLoop is the media sponsor of this event.


  1. Thank you, the loop for posting this, Mike Hynes, Molly Spillane’s

  2. Is Mamaroneck Library eligible for this?

  3. May the Mamaroneck Library be part of Mamaroneck Cares?

    Barbara Werber
    807 The Crescent
    Mamaroneck, NY 10543

  4. The Mamk Library would be an excellent cause. Thank you for the feedback and thanks to The Loop for posting this!

  5. What a great idea! My family had dinner on the avenue tonight and the sidewalks were filled with families and lively groups enjoying the beautiful weather. Mamaroneck has done a wonderful job creating a dining destination for locals and others…three evening street fairs (for charity) will add even more to the festive ambience. What time will the closures be?

  6. Thanks for the posting.
    As a member of the Mamaroneck Shares Committee I suggest that the interested people at the Mamaroneck Library write a proposal for a specific program to be funded next year.From what I ubderstand the charities havbe been chosen for this year.

  7. Larchmont Mayor please take a hint. Mamaroneck av closed “3” nights. Scary isn’t it. the Reds are at the border>

  8. Great idea.

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