Mamaroneck Town Board discusses tanks and ice rink

 Underground tanks and the Hommocks Ice Rink were the two main subjects discussed at Wednesday night’s Board meeting.


The panel unanimously passed a revision to the Town code that now requires a bond be placed with the Town for those that install underground tanks, such as oil and propane, on their property. A fire was caused by an underground tank in the Town on Memorial Day weekend in 2008.
The Board also agreed to use previously allocated funds to purchase a used ice compressor for $12,800 for the Hommocks Ice Rink; Town Manager Steve Altieri said a new compressor would cost $24,000, and the facility has a planned renovation anyway. The current compressor is leaking oil and freon.
TheLoop asked Board member David Fishman what issues he feels are important for residents to be aware of as a new legislative season begins. 

Fishman cited:

  • the 2011 budget, saying, "I am hoping for a  zero budget increase, but already obligated union raises my thwart that,"
  • which services can be reduced or cut, and
  • the Reval, " the long slow process of re-valuing everyones property so that we all pay our fair share of property tax based on current market values."

The last reval was done in the 1960s and apparently, he says, some long term residents have not officially reported (via permitting) new construction, additions, new kitchens, etc.

That means people that moved here during the last 15 or so years often pay a higher rate of tax based on the purchase price of their homes and work done legally.

 "This does not change the total tax burden for the town, Fishman said,  "but makes sure each home is fairly valued."

  The Town is now sending out Requests for Proposals to financial experts who will work on the revaluation.


Fishman says, "We do know that 1/3 of the residents of the Town are paying too much, and 1/3 are paying too little."



Town Board Agenda 9/15/2010






THE TOWN BOARD WILL CONVENEat 5:00 PM, In Conference Room C to discuss


IRS Audit, Town’s 350th Anniversary, Update-Gardens Lake, Dog Licensing and Senior Citizen Transportation Services



REQUEST FOR EXECUTIVE SESSION to discuss, Employment History and Certiorari





CALL TO ATTENTION – Location of Exits


PUBLIC HEARINGS – Bonding Requirement – Oil Tank Removal 





  1.  Authorization – Transfer of Funds – Ice Rink Trust Account


  1. Salary Authorization –  A. Senior Center

                                     B. Recreation


  1. Approval of Certiorari



APPROVAL OF MINUTES – July 14, 2010 and August 11, 2010                




SUPERVISOR REPORTS                                                                                                                  






NEXT REGULARLY SCHEDULED MEETINGS – October 6, 2010  and October 20, 2010


Any physically handicapped person needing special assistance in order to attend the meeting should call the Town Administrator’s office at 381-7810.



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  1. [quote][i]It is getting harder and harder to support the government in the style to which it has become accustomed.[/i]

    Mr. Fishman is correct, a zero tax increase budget is the maximum that could be acceptable. A budget with a tax reduction should be the goal.

    But please Mr. Fishman, don’t assume what is not possible for because of various reasons; instead please dream what could be possible if we try hard enough.

    Twice weekly “garbage” collection has been sacrosanct, not to be reduced; but in reality we’ve gone to five “sanitation” collections each week at each house. As times have changed, can we deliver services more cost effectively?

    If zero-based budgeting were used, and a determination of what is needed were made, what would we find? What should be provided by taxes independent of usage and what should be on a metered usage basis? Have we asked even asked the questions yet?

    Reval. Yes, the current system property tax system is unfair. Will it be updated to another expensive and unfair system? Should the Town consider a local income tax, as was discussed in Scarsdale, with lower administrative costs, along with a small property tax based on the land value rather than on kitchen and bath decor?

    And as a crisis is a terrible thing to waste, can the current financial crisis be the impetus for government consolidation and real change?

    The people are waiting for answers.

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