Mamaroneck Village Board on Dogs , WJWW and a Fire Truck

Most of the citizens attending Tuesday’s Mamaroneck Village Board meeting were there for the dogs…






….voicing their approval of proposed changes in the law to allow dogs in Village parks. Those objecting say they are concerned about an increase in dog waste in the parks, while those in favor obviously want to bring their dogs with them.

Several spoke about the fact that most dog owners do clean up after their pets, and that the change in the law would help to make the parks, especially Harbor Island, less "goose-friendly.

The issue will be passed along to a committee for review, and then report back to the Board.


Westchester Joint Water Works-The Board adopted a resolution proposed by Toni Ryan to request the WJWW post their meetings in advance, make public information more available, especially about the water rate increases, and finally to request LMC-TV to televise the meetings.  The Board approved it 3-1, with Trustee Ybarra voting no, and Mayor Rosenblum abstaining because he is on the WJWW Board and will have to vote on the request there.

Trustee Ybarra sent an email to reporters saying she voted no, in part, because "the WJWW is a public benefit corporation and is required to abide by the NYS open meeting laws, there is no reason in the world why LMC-TV or any other newspaper, press organization can’t attend any of their board meetings at any time.  Therefore, there is no necessity  or reason for the Village of Mamaroneck Board of Trustees to vote on this matter"

Finally, a contract for a new fire ladder truck was approved and awarded, but the bond resolution was not;  it requires 4 votes in favor and the Board only had 3 votes in favor, with Trustees Ryan and Hofstetter voting against, saying the community is having difficulty with the expense, and residents can’t afford the additional taxes.

  –with thanks to City Manager Richard Singerland


  1. Other sources report that the cost of this piece of rolling equipment is 845.000$. I fail to comprehend what can bring up the cost of a fire truck to those heights. This raises another angle for the merging of FDs, frankly. Nearly a million dollars for a truck ?

  2. [quote][i]Transparency is a clear issue for all our municipal government entities. No question about it.

    LMC-TV is funded by a “tax” effectively levied by our municipalities on “Cable-TV” subscribers and effectively allocated to LMC-TV. Purse strings? And, by the way, those who receive “TV” by satellite or other means do not receive LMC-TV.

    Current technology permits all our municipal government entity meetings to be provided easily and inexpensively using the internet and this should be done. No question about it.[/i]

    – LMP[/quote]

    Trustee Ybarra, please review the above quoted information. Others, please do to too. Comments welcome. Thank you.

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