Mamaroneck vs. Graffiti

So, did you catch the Mamaroneck Mayor on WCBS radio this weekend talking about the “morons” responsible


for a recent rash of graffiti?


Seems the mayor, Norman Rosenblum, is sick and tired of the so-called “artists” painting the town – and is calling on police to catch the culprits before the problem gets even more out-of-hand.


With one arrest, and other suspects under investigation, police are exploring “every opportunity to increase surveillance, make arrests and have the graffiti cleaned up,” said Village Manager Richard Slingerland.


Increasing public awareness, installing security cameras around the village and steep increases in fines ($500 for a first offense) are some of the options being weighed.


“In short, we’re attacking the problem for all directions,” Slingerland said.


Recent targets include the local train station, post office and street signs. Graffiti is removed quickly after discovered, Slingerland said.








  1. Has anyone but me noticed the bridge over 95 at weaver street, it feels as if you are driving somewhere in the south bronx. Graffiti is a problem that has been ignored long enough. The powers that be in our towns need to step up and address this problem.

  2. We’ve even had graffiti (some in Chinese) around the brook/E. Brookside and bridge on Fernwood in Larchmont. it is disconcerting and I’m glad the mayor is focusing on it.

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