Mam’k Village Elections Over. Or Are They?

Mamaroneck Village Mayor Norman Rosenblum says the Justice race in the Village has been conceded by the Democratic candidate, Alice Pernik, to the Republican Candidate,











Christie McEvoy-Derrico.

This came only hours after Bob Cohen conceded his race for the State Senate to Democratic candidate Suzi Oppenheimer (see story below.)


 Rosenblum wrote:

 It should be noted that the Village of Mamaroneck had the ability to "self certify" the results in the past, however, when the Village elections were moved from March, under supervision of the Village, to November, under the supervision of the County, we no longer had the authority to "self certify". While I have not received a notice of certification from the Westchester County Board of elections, all races are now conceded and this will allow for the Village to move forward to return to the normal process of government transition.

 This now brings to a pragmatic close the 2010 local election in the Village of Mamaroneck. I will be contacting the Trustees-elect regarding the re-organization meeting which was re-scheduled from December 6, 2010 to December 20, 2010, because of the election uncertainty,  for consideration to re-schedule the organization meeting to this coming Monday December 13, 2010, immediately following the Village Board of Trustees work session. A subsequent news release will be issued to confirm the reorganization meeting. 

 All those who are interested in serving on one of the Village Boards or Commissions should send their resum, and interest  attn: Sally Roberts at:


to which he received the following reply from Trustee John Hofstetter:



At the last BOT meeting you made a motion to postpone the Mamaroneck Village Organizational Meeting until December 20th, which was immediately seconded.  During that meeting several members of the Board noted that it would be better if the wording of your resolution was reflective having the organizational meeting when the certification was ordered by Judge Adler.  The BOT discussed the fact that the certification could be earlier and the resolution should be changed to reflect that possibility.  You did not want to change the wording and insisted that your motion was on the table and should be voted on as put forth.  Given that resolution I do not believe we can reschedule the Organizational Meeting without having an meeting to change the schedule…So essentially we have to have a meeting to reschedule a meeting.


Also your press release does not state the status of the Republican Trustee candidates current injunction.  I was just told that the attorney for the Republican slate of Trustee candidates did not arrive in court this morning as was expected with the required stipulation.  It was supposed to be signed off, by all of the Republican Trustee candidates so that he  could withdraw the injunction filed on behalf of his clients and concede the Trustee election.  Apparently all of the paperwork regarding the Republican Trustee candidates is not in order and one candidate has not signed off on the stipulation.  As a result Judge Adler could not make his ruling and certify the Village of Mamaroneck Trustee election this morning. 


While I appreciate your flexibility in scheduling Organizational Meeting now, we are still waiting for Judge Adler to certify the results. 


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