Moon Over My Nanny: the denouement?

There was a knock on the door. Outside stood a worried looking man. A young father.  A parent, like many of us.










In his hand was a copy of this article  published in theLoop last August about a group of nannies at the park and an encounter that created a very active discussion .


Someone had left a copy of the article on his door, and in red pen had written: “Is this your nanny????”


It turns out the subject of our story last year had managed to find a job with this man’s family—despite his careful checking of references, his diligence with using a childcare service and his own deep commitment to his family’s care and safety. She had lied about her past and the best efforts by good people to check her records were unsuccessful in revealing who she was.


We post this only as a reminder that while most caregivers are good people deserving our respect, it is important to check backgrounds carefully and listen to your neighbors. We understand this particular caregiver may still be working in the area (though no longer for the man who knocked at the door.)

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  1. Wow. So, please say that the man has now contacted the placement agency!

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