Native Species: Boy Scouts and Trees

They dug, they planted, they watered and then they tip-toed. The Webelos of Pack 33 in Larchmont spent their Thursday afternoon












planting mountain ash trees at the Hommocks Conservation Area.


While part of the project was to help fulfill requirements for their their forestry and citizen badges, there was also a larger motivation for the group of fourth-graders.


"It’s cool that you’re helping nature because global warming is ruining it," pack member Cullen Zelenka said after planting his second tree.


Town of Mamaroneck Environmental Planner Elizabeth Paul provided the guidance and the trees.


"We’re trying to re-establish some native species populations," she said, "and discourage dumping."


A different group visited the area last week and planted crab apple and blueberry plants, Paul said.


Den leader John Latona helped oversee the project and, along with Paul, tried to make sure nobody stepped on the tiny trees once they were in the ground.


In time, the trees could grow up to 50 feet or more, but on Thursday the pack had to tip-toe their way out of the planting area once the watering was complete.


And then it was off to the next project for Zelenka, Willie Quinn, Jeffrey Azanero, Peter Seleno, Tommy Latona and Hunter Paul.


"Let’s go look for garbage," they yelled.


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