New Hampshire (‘Live Free or Buy?’)

Wondering what happened at the "Special Meeting" Tuesday night between the Boards of the Village and Town of Mamaroneck?


The announcement said they would meet in Executive Session to discuss the "acquisition of property."
A spokewoman for Town Supervisior Valerie O’Keeffe told us the municipalities are "cooperating," and are "doing due diligence" towards their goal of acquiring all or part of the 110 open acres for public use. No more information will be made public at this time.

From January 24: The plot, so to speak, thickens as Town and Village of Mamaroneck officials continue discussions about a possible purchase of the Hampshire Country Club property.


It is being "actively investigated," said

Town Supervisor Valerie Moore O’Keeffe at the Town Board meeting Wednesday January 20th.  While dozens of parties, including many developers, also are looking into this real estate opportunity,


Mamaroneck Town Councilman David Fishman tells theLoop that this is a "once in a lifetime opportunity to preserve open space and create recreational options" for the municipalities if it can be done "in some affordable way."

Fishman added that none of the current options being discussed can be on the record at this time, but that

he has "never had more people approach me as town councilman about an issue than this one — and I can say 98% of all of those are very eager to see their local government(s) step up and try to get involved to protect this gem of a property."


is a fiscal conservative and fought for a zero percent tax hike this year.

The Club now comprises 110 acres in the Orienta section of Mamaroneck with an estimated value of about $11 million.

New Hampshire


  1. I don’t want my town to spend $11M plus just to maintain Hampshire club adjacent houses real estate value. Let developers build new houses, but restrict the size i.e no MacMansion.

  2. I would LOVE to see Hampshire become a pool and golf club for the residents of Larchmont and Mamaroneck, as well as the site of more fields for Hommocks. This use would most certainly benefit the real estate value of ALL our homes, as well as provide the community with a recreational facility that we could all enjoy. I would be very sorry to see a developer build more homes in our area, which translates to more students in our already overcrowded schools, and more homes to sell in a difficult real estate market. Let the focus be on improving our community and the benefits that come with investing in our towns.

  3. I would love to see Hampshire become a town golf club. The loss of Cherrylawn should show us all what could happen at Hampshire! Are you familiar with Longshore in Westport? That was once a private club that the town now operates. It’s a beautiful ammenity for that town. It does enhance the quality of life for the residents. I hope it happens for the people of Mamaroneck!

  4. I rarely write on message boards, but I had to this once, as it literally touches home.
    Why give up such a precious piece of property and opportunity? There’s no place around here to have a nice brunch on the weekends. The Town pool is open from late June till Labor Day. I hear the town camp is “ok”. Good if you get the lottery and go to Monroe.
    Where’s the nearest public golf course? Where to people go for weddings, bar/bats mitsvah party’s, Sweet 16? Debutante’s…? This is a licensed catering hall with delicious food, a fabulous staff…
    An amazing Camp Director should be hired, have a professional manage the restaurant, convert it to a public golf course, rent out the spaces for special occasions.
    Scarsdale has a beautiful public pool, Rye does as well. I think it’s about time Larchmont has one more thing they can be proud of.

  5. Fabulous idea. Find a way to make it happen. The last thing we need is another development like Cherry Lawn!

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