New Hampshire?

Update below.

The persistent rumor that the venerable Hampshire Country Club is going bankrupt


is not entirely true, though your editrix has received several missives to that effect, (Our people play on the public course at Saxon Woods, thank you.)

According to Hampshire General Manager Tracy Fraus, the Club has suffered from a "considerable loss in membership," is closed at the present time, and hopes to reopen "if we can find a new buyer."

On January 15, representatives from both the Town and Village of Mamaroneck met with the Hampshire Club Board in an effort to determine if the municipalities can purchase the property. While many residents feel this is an unprecidented opportunity to acquire additional land for recreation and possibly housing, others tell theLoop they worry about taxes going up to replace the significant contribution to the tax base that the Club once offered.

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  1. I am a former employee of Hampshire. They have every one layed off, they are broke yes it’s true.. they arent willing to admit it. They owed millions to a bank. The club is now in possesion of the bank.

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